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Susan M. Kootnekoff

Founder of Inspire Law

Susan Kootnekoff is the founder of Inspire Law. Susan’s diverse legal career spans over 25 years. During this time she has gained expertise in a variety of areas of the law, including employment law, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, human rights , education law and privacy.

Susan has advised and represented medical health professionals, employees, employment insurance (EI) claimants, parents and others whose lives have been adversely impacted by vaccine mandates and restrictive government policies arising out of fears over covid-19.

For several years, Susan authored a legal column which was widely carried across the interior of B.C. Modified versions are found at

Susan previously served as in house corporate counsel with a major corporation and as counsel with a regulatory agency. She also has knowledge and experience in securities law. Her diverse background allows her to draw on a broader base of knowledge and experience than is typical in today’s legal profession.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Arts degree (in public administration with high honours) from the University of Saskatchewan.  She has been a member of the Law Society of Alberta since 1994 and the Law Society of British Columbia since 2015. In Alberta, she practiced various areas of law in both Calgary and Fort McMurray. Living and practicing in Fort McMurray made a lasting impression on Susan.  It was in this isolated and unique community that her interest in employment law took hold.

In 2013, Susan moved to the B.C. interior where she currently resides with her family. She is a member of the British Columbia Trial Lawyers Association.