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About Inspire Law

At Inspire Law, we can assist you with a variety of legal issues, including employment law and other work related legal areas. We are a boutique law practice that is free from many of the demands of a larger law firm. For example, we have low overhead costs and will always handle your case in a personalized, attentive and focused manner.  We provide personal service and attentiveness to your case. We will treat you with respect. We will speak with you in plain English. We will help you through your legal situation by gaining a solid understanding of the situation, devoting adequate analysis of what needs to be done, and then we will put our experience to work for you!

Appointments & Fees

At Inspire Law, we understand the need for flexible appointment times. We offer meeting times to fit your needs, including evenings and Saturdays. If you would like to discuss your legal situation, please contact us to request a consultation.

Reasonable & Transparent Billing

At Inspire Law, we understand your concerns about maintaining reasonable and transparent legal costs.  Typically, the legal services we provide are billed at our regular hourly rates. For some commonly provided and straight-forward legal services, we may simply charge a flat fee.  It depends upon what each individual case requires. For example, when preparing demand letters to employers on behalf of employees, we may charge a flat fee, or a flat fee and a percentage. In the right case, when acting on behalf of employees, we may be willing to consider a contingency fee retainer agreement, under which we will not collect fees until you collect fair compensation.

Once an agreement is made between you and the lawyer to engage legal services, we will sign a retainer agreement outlining the terms upon which we will provide services to you. We will always discuss payment and costs associated with your particular case with you prior to entering into a retainer agreement.

Our office accepts cheques, interac e-transfer, and in some circumstances cash as payment for services.

New Clients

In many cases, it is helpful to provide to us in advance of your appointment with a fully completed New Client Intake Form.  Providing this fully completed form to us in advance of your appointment will help to maximize the amount of time we spend providing you with legal advice, and minimize the time we need to spend gathering the information required to provide you with legal advice.  This will help to minimize the legal fees we will charge you. This form is subject to legal privilege.

On your first visit with us, please bring:

  1. A form of government issued photo identification. You will be required to complete a client identification and verification form (as is required by Law Societies).
  2. Any records you think could be relevant to your case. While the brief time within which consultations occur does not permit us to conduct a comprehensive review, it is still helpful to bring your records with you in case we want to conduct a preliminary review of certain critical clauses or excerpts from your documents 
  3. If not already provided in advance, your fully completed New Client Intake Form.